Your hands are exposed to more dirt, germs and weather every day than any part of your body. New skin cells form and old, dead cells slough off.  A professional manicure includes a thorough cleaning, along with lotions designed to exfoliate your skin. This process will help in removing dirt, germs and dead skin cells, as well as will keep your hands smooth and may reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Proper nail care promotes stronger, healthier nails that look their best every day.

In addition to cleaning and exfoliating, moisturizers and cuticle treatments are massaged into the skin of the hands, wrist and arms. This massage action is more than just an indulgence.  It aids in relaxation and also helps to improve blood circulation. Increased circulation is beneficial for all hands, but especially those with arthritis.  Both are benefits needed by the body.

The benefits of regular manicures are more numerous than most people believe. Besides the luxury of time away from work or home, they are a relaxing way to de-stress.  Manicures keep your nails healthy, clean and strong and your hands smooth and soft.

All these benefits combine to give you more welcoming hands that are positive features for the business man or woman, or anyone working with people.  Beautiful hands and nails are not just about “looks” – they are for your “health” as well!


The Healthy Manicure

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